This is a place where you will physically transport yourself to a piece of paradise where you may and will party, relax, unwind and be pampered by beautiful girls.




Our Exotic Adult Sex Vacations are created with your fantasies in mind. Our sex resort is a place where you will physically transport to a piece of paradise where you may and will do as you’d like. This includes: party, relax, unwind and be pampered by beautiful girls at all times. Our companions are warm, friendly and very beautiful girls whose ultimate goal is to cater to your specific wants and desires during your sex vacation. Our sex resort has been specifically designed to fulfill your most intimate fantasy with multiple, gorgeous girls with whom you are also able to mingle at all times. We have created a very easy-going, social atmosphere where you feel as though you’re at a party with sexy  girls, where at any point you are sure to get very lucky. Imagine an adult sex vacation arriving at a private, fully catered, beach front, exclusive sex resort where every guest has 3 to 4 girls to choose from. Our aim is to have our guests leave this adult sex vacation all the while mentally planning their next visit. We build long term relationships with our clients simply because at Blue Paradise DR “Too Much Is Never Enough”.

Blue Paradise is the top choice for exotic sex resorts in the Caribbean. We offer a variety of girlfriend experiences. From Latin American and Dominican Girls for your fantasy sex vacation. Enjoy a beach front adult sex vacation like no other at the DR’s Ultimate Sex Resort!

VIP Service
VIP Airport Pickup
Welcome Cocktails
Sexy Shows Nightly
Jerky boudin tenderloin

Fully All-Inclusive
Non-stop Bar Service
All you can eat meals
Girls always on site
Wifi Everywhere

Beach Front Resort
Exclusive Property
Air Conditioned Rooms
Private Bungalows
In-room minibar

Caribbean Companions
GFE Experience
24 hour Companions
Threesome Packages
Exclusive Memberships

Oxygen Week at Blue Paradise DR!
Join Us August 10-17th as we celebrate Oxygen Week at BPDR. All the 02 Girls will be here for your pleasure. Enjoy a 4 night GFE sex vacation package for only $2990usd!

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Blue paradise DR and Oxygen Retreat Migration

Hello Everyone,

We are thrilled to announce the merging of the top two adult vacation resorts in the Dominican Republic.

Effective immediately, Oxygen Retreat and Blue Paradise DR will become: Blue Oxygen Resort.

Blue Oxygen will continue to provide the type of high quality service in the adult entertainment, which has always set BP and O2 apart from the rest.
All Blue Oxygen clients are cordially invited to our private, beach front resort in order to personally experience the launch of this exhilarating new venture.

We look forward to assisting you in booking your next vacation, existing reservations or inquiries on this merger at: or

All Inclusive Sex Resort at Blue Paradise DR

Grab that package you always been waiting for at blue paradise dr! enjoy the hot girls entertain you all the way in your stay! Enjoy your vacation only at Blue paradise DR.

"We are located in the Dominican Republic sitting right on the beach of the north-coast. Our exotic sex resort is a high end villa with several private bungalows right on the beach next to the swimming pool.

When not enjoying private time in their room with our classy companions our clients like to relax in our pools side bar or in the jacuzzi getting to know the girls better.

Our exotic sex resort features:

  • Wifi internet access so you can stay connected.
  • TV and satellite because you need to rest sometimes.
  • Many activities near by such as golf, horseback, etc.

Ready for an sex vacation at our exotic sex resort?  Try our specials page or contact us for more info!

We feel that our exotic resort will cater to all your vacation needs. There is so much to do in and around the villa that you can never feel bored. Just a short car ride away from our exotic resort is a prestine golf course where we hold our golf tournaments. There is also Ocean World that is popular with both our clients and the Blue Paradise girls. For the surfing crowd there is an amazing break bust out the back of our exotic resort and a world class break just 5 minutes down the beach. “

Blue paradise DR reviews

Our clients love Blue paradise so much that they even leave us a review. Here is what they said,


Thank you so much for taking such good care of me!

I really enjoyed hanging out in Cabarete and on the beach with your lovely girls.
Freddie is a life saver and an excellent barman. When I first arrived I was so tense, he really helped me break the ice.
This was one of the best trips of my life! At the end, I felt like an old friend and a lover.

I will have to come back again.


"I finally decided to take the plunge and go visit Dominican Republic.
It was my first time and I had various resorts in mind. After contacting one of the guests and asking for their advice, I decided to go with Blue Paradise. It was the best decision I made. Even though I’ve never been anywhere else to compare, the young lady I met has convinced me I don’t need to venture elsewhere. I will be back.”


"As a woman I was quite hesitant to visit a place like this even though I have always been curious. I finally decided to surprise my husband for his birthday and it was a great present not only for him but also for me!
I fell in love with the resort and it’s wonderful beach. The girls were wonderful and
understanding (I was shy at first). I know next time we visit I will be completely at ease, as for my husband…”

Happy husband = Happy wife! Thank you Blue!

Elizabeth and Rob


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Adult Sex Vacations with Beautiful Caribbean Escorts

Perfect your Sex vacation here at Blueparadise DR, where girls are very accommodating to thier costumers. So what are you waiting for? book your girls now!

"The Caribbean Sea and it is tropical islands is one of the famous vacation destinations. The place is like paradise with its azure sky mirrored by clear sea waters, green foliage, fine clean sand, and year round tropical weather. Definitely the place is worthy to become called heaven-on-earth, a truly ideal place to relax and enjoy yourself. There is definitely much to do under the warm Caribbean sun or idyllic moonlight. Someplace sunny and warm offers a relaxing atmosphere and from this world vacation experience that features a taste of tempting adult pleasures and fun.

At the moment, among the booming Caribbean travel destinations are resorts which focus on sex vacations or erotic vacations. These resorts offer escort services to vacationers for any price of course. These erotic vacations could truly be an unusual experience for you that will surely blow your mind and leave an exceptional memory worth reminiscing. Sex vacation is a fresh concept to numerous who are unfamiliar with escort resorts. Decades ago these resorts are now being hushed up in public places due to society norms but the secrecy added to its mystique making it more intriguing. Nowadays, these services are more convenient to avail because most escort resorts offering sex vacations have their particular websites that answer queries and provide hassle-free booking as well.

Sex Vacations of escort resorts are prepared for fun and relaxation. Your own needs is going to be catered from your arrival until your departure. You don’t worry about anything besides choosing which of the beautiful ladies will keep you company during the day, through the night as well as throughout your stay. There are plenty of items you can do within the resort. You may also go to nearby areas for sight-seeing, alone or with all the company of the hot escort.

Sex vacations offered by escort resorts are catered to match every individual. The individual surroundings of the resort, the beguiling beauty of the island, in addition to the company of beautiful and sexy ladies will surely make any son of Adam sizzle. These resorts provide relaxation and pleasure. Release your inhibitions and relish the company of the resorts stunning escorts. You will surely discover ultimate erotic experience unlike anything you’ve had. Your fantasies will surely be fulfilled once you explore the wonders provided by sex vacations.

Then add spice into your lifetime. Make your nights sizzle and plunge into an experience of a lifetime. Sun, sand and exquisite women to help keep you company throughout your stay. You will definitely keep coming back to this paradise for more. You have worked yourself hard. It really is but right which you reward yourself with an exotic island vacation which will fulfill your sexual fantasies and release your passion. Have pleasure in the luxurious services from the escort resorts and sensual atmosphere of the Caribbean. You’ve worked hard. It’s time for you to play harder.”

A day for a girl at Blue Paradise

This is a story about a girl working at blue paradise DR who is fulfilled with her job and ready to pleased every guess in the place:

"A day as a girl in Paradise isn’t all it’s cracked up to be… It’s BETTER.

I couldn’t help being completely seduced by the smell of ocean in the air, while I tan in the sun, making me hot enough to want to swim completely nude without a single care in the world, Nothing sets my mood as this ritual while in Paradise. 

This is how me and my girlfriends like to prepare for our upcoming guests. If you allow us to get to know you (while being completely spoiled by our bartenders) we are likely to reach levels of pleasure that are for the most part rare, and highly unattainable. 

The expectation of meeting new people is exhilarating! not knowing who’s arriving next can be and IS very exciting. 

Are they single men? a bachelor or birthday party? maybe an outgoing couple? I have met so many wonderful people in Blue Paradise that in the end it doesn’t really matter who it is! 

We are all attention whores (no pun intended) and the more guests, the better! 

My girls and I all enjoy being watched while performing and flirting with our guests while they decide who they MUST and WILL have. 

For me personally, there is no bigger high in life than to be wanted. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit this is something that is very fulfilling as a girl

Once I’ve been selected, I try my best to thoroughly enjoy the person I am with. My personality does not allow me to let it be just about work. I am a people person and genuinely want to get to know and please my new found friend. I will be honest and confess: I absolutely LOVE my couples, this may be because I get the best of both worlds, being with a beautiful woman and having her husband go crazy is well… you know… Women understand one another and men don’t need to understand, they are just happy to be there. 

I am sure I speak for all of us girls in Paradise when I say: How can you NOT love this place?!! 

Looking forward to enjoying your company!”

Are Sex Vacations a Want or a Need?

I bet every guy love sex vacation but is it a want or a need? We are here at Blue paradise dr to help you decide which is which.

"This is a question I’m sure most of us may ask ourselves especially during these difficult economic times (I’m almost as tired of hearing it, as I am tired of living it). Having said this I know as a man, I couldn’t go through such difficulties without some well deserved fun without commitment. Isn’t that the dream?

However reality kicks in and it’s back to living day by day, the daily routine… work, coffee, lunch home. For some of us we’ll include: kids, wife, nagging, complaining. Now, we might take some time off and book a nice getaway, but once we get back home we seem to need a vacation from the vacation we just took.

That my friends, is a sign of a mediocre time for which you paid and took precious time off hoping to feel refreshed and ready to take on life once again. Is it fair that you don’t feel satisfied? No. But, it is your fault.

Let’s talk about sex, shall we? Booking an erotic vacation isn’t something you over think. It’s something you do.

Something you over think is which resort to visit. That you definitely must do. This is the part I dislike. Having to sound like I’m overly praising something because I want to make some money. The reality is I could lie or speak negatively about other resorts to make us look good, but I find that only makes us look bad. Therefore, I figured out (all by myself) that the only way to speak the way I do is to make myself believe it.

Fortunately for our guests and clientele I sincerely mean what I say and say what I mean:

Best Customer Service? Check.

Best all around, hot girls? Check.

Best Scenery? Check.

Best Deal? Check.

Some may not want to agree with the last Check, but they cannot disagree without experiencing it one on one first.

Even then… If you disagree with any of the above after visiting you will be invited to come back ON US. I make sure you always win.

It’s only fair after all I’ve been babbling about, I like to think at least. 

In order to end this and keep it short and to the point: “SexVacations are a want which becomes a need after Blue Paradise“.”

Spend your summer in paradise!

Beautiful Girls everywhere here at blue paradise dr where you can enjoy your perfect summer with the girls choose all you want as we over great satisfaction on every costumer we have.

"Here, at Blue Paradise when the sun gets hot and the moon gets hazy, good girls go bad and it gets crazy! 

The beginning of Summer is near bringing along perfect weather, fun and beautiful girls wearing less than bikinis. Summer is for breaking the rules and standing apart, ignoring your head and partying instead.The tan lines will fade, but we will make sure the memories will last a lifetime.

Meet the outstanding girls of Blue Paradise. There are always new faces, which only get more beautiful as you browse along. 


Our Girls

 Intimate encounters in a Caribbean setting. Have the time of your life in a relaxed environment with a beautiful girl by your side.

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Exclusive beach front accommodations in a one of a kind location. All up to date amenities and top notch service during your stay.

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Celebrate Easter with one of our Bunnies!

Celebrate your Easter holiday with us here at Blue paradise Dr and we well take care your fantasy dream come true with our hot babes exclusively for you.

 ”As Easter weekend approaches, the entire town prepares for festivities and the weather couldn’t be anymore agreeable. Us, at Blue Paradise are excited to present some of the newest additions to our extensive repertoire of beauties!


This is the perfect time to lay by our beach front pool with a cold cocktail, while letting go of all inhibitions and allowing our girls to fulfill your every wish and fantasies.

Make your reservations now and receive a FREE Day Pass and a Complimentary Beach Front Villa upgrade (if available).

*Offer available between: April 22 through April 29.”

How drastically would you spend for sex Vacations?

When chatting concerning sex holidays, many would actually say and have a stage back again thinking that it would charge these people a fortune getting for it. A few say that you’ll have to carry hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Some others would propose holding ample revenue only, mainly because erotic accommodations have several other points in order to avail of, and you also could not competent to command oneself from availing them, right up until you locate out you are already running out of finances by now. Definitely, this is sometimes a issue by you, specially should you really do not have notion just how considerably you may well devote for that holiday. 

Within purchase to have a wide information about how significantly you will have to shell out with regard to sex vacation, right here are a handful of frequent deals commonly supplied by many intercourse resorts these days.

Usually, provides are incorporated. That is, exactly how significantly it’s likely you’ll commit would depend on the nights you would be paying in the vacation resort. Even so, this could also count number upon the particular resort’s supply by yourself. There are sex vacations that offers an over night time keep with all other professional services additionally a lady or ladies to go along with you to the night time. There’s also people delivering two days and 3 nights wonderful privileges additionally various gals in a day. Actually, you can choose from a number of deals. Ranging from the cheapest bargains around the most high-priced one, name the idea and making love resorts get it. 

Now, in terms of the expert services and the costs, you can never move incorrect along with sex vacations. When you have selected the right turn to devote your current getaway, the firms would be something you will be seeking ahead in order to. But of training course, associating the great companies, you really should furthermore assume great charges. The simplest and the smallest keep in the resort would total anywhere from two hundred to further than more than 200 bucks. A couple days retain can selection anywhere from more than 200 bucks to 8 whilst the longest stay could total with a thousand to two thousand money. However, they are really sensitive. Some sex resorts would’ve varying fees. And, a few do have added “add on”, which is optionally available.

Typically, just how much you are maneuvering to commit pertaining to erotic vacation would massively is dependent on the days of keep and the companies presented. Even so, as often believed, sex resorts have diverse provides as well as services. As well as, it is previously your task and also prerogative to choose which one distinct you feel would likely cater to your desires.